User Tips for the Oncology Toolbox

About The Toolbox:    The Amgen Oncology Toolbox, powered by NearSpace, includes a range of digital tools available on the web or for download to PDAs, smartphones, and Windows-based computers.

Switching Between Tools:     When you want to switch tools, select 'Menu' in the left hand list to open the main menu. Then select 'Select Tool' from the sub-menu. This will display a list of tools which you can choose from. Alternatively, you can select the Toolbox icon on the toolbar to return to the Toolbox home page, from which you can choose the Select Tool button.

Using The Application Menu:    Each tool has it's own menu, which is located on the left hand side of the window. This menu is made up several sub-menus, including the main menu at the top and the Help menu at the bottom. Other sub-menus may also be present. To view any sub-menu, simply click on the heading for that sub-menu and it will open.

Using the Toolbar:    A Toolbar is located above the top of the NearSpace main topic window. Use the Back and Fprward arrows on the left-hand side of the bar to move between screens you've already viewed. Other icons vary with the tool, but will usually include links to the Toolbox, the individual tools' Home Screen, and Help.

Browsing Information:     Information categories are indicated in bold with a folder icon to the left. Click on the category name to display a list of subcategories or entries. Lists are displayed in regular text with a page icon to the left of each entry. Click on any item in a list to display its page contents.

Returning Home:      Every tool has a Home Screen. Return to the Home Screen from anywhere in the Tool by either tapping the Home icon in the Toolbar or by selecting 'Home' from the main application menu.